Greg Schwab Art
Giclée Printer


    All of Greg Schwab's fine art reproduction prints are “Giclées” available on canvas (with your choice of mounting) and on fine art paper.
    As a tremendous added value, each print comes with a “Giclée Print Certificate of Authenticity” signed by the artist. This certificate details the printing process used, as-well-as the media and ink properties. The certificate gives insight into the artist's inspiration for the particualr piece and shares biographical information about the artist.

  • Giclée (commonly pronounced “zhee-clay”) is the name for the process of making fine art, high-quality prints from a digital source using ink-jet printing.
  • The word “giclée” is French for spray.  It is an individually produced, high-resolution, high-fidelity, high-tech reproduction done on a special large format printer.
  • Giclées can be printed on any number of media, from canvas to watercolor paper.
  • Giclées are superior to other forms of print production in nearly every way. 
  • The colors are brighter, last longer, and are so high-resolution that they are virtually continuous tone, rather than tiny dots. 
  • The range or “gamut” of color for giclées is far beyond that of most other print production processes and details are crisper.
  • Giclées use ink jet technology, but far more sophisticated than your desktop printer. 
  • The process employs nine colors of ink (variants of black, cyan, magenta, and yellow) that are light-fast (fade resistant) and pigment based.
  • The ink is sprayed onto the paper or canvas, actually mixing the color on the page to create truer shades and hues.
  • Giclée prints are coveted by collectors for their fidelity and quality, and desired by galleries and artists alike.