Greg Schwab Art
Artist Greg Schwab with his family

The Artist

        Greg Schwab, husband to a beautiful wife and father to five beautiful daughters is an outdoorsman, artist, contemplative and attorney. Greg finds himself surrounded by beauty! He has spent much of his leisure time also enjoying the beauty and bounty of South Louisiana marshes, waterways, and woodlands. Growing up in Houma, Louisiana, he has always been naturally inclined to draw, paint, and create; but, he has also found contentedness and awe while hunting and fishing.
        Greg is invigorated by both the adventure of the chase, but also the wild, untamed, natural beauty and powerful instincts of nature, such as the yearly migration of thousands of ducks into the southern United States. He also experiences a mystical, spiritual connection with God while hunting, fishing, praying and painting. He cherishes the chance to be invited on adventures in order to photograph and later paint wildlife in its natural setting.
        While he took art classes as a young child, in highschool at Vandebilt Catholic and at Millsaps College in Jackson Mississippi, wisdom has allowed him a freedom to break many of the “rules” taught in most schools of art. As a color-blind artist, he has learned to become uninhibited with the use of bold, often contrasting colors. As a passionate hunter and nature lover, his appreciation for the Louisiana outdoors is often expressed through his art. His view of nature allows him to utilize light and color-play from a unique perspective.
        He has only recently decided to follow the call of his heart and pursue painting and writing as a vocation, a true test to his faith and trust in God as a provider.